I had been running errands all morning. One of my stops was at a Ward’s Supermarket. They have the best selection of locally grown produce. They also have beautiful fresh flowers.   As I was headed out of the store, I browsed the fresh bouquets. Roses were two for $1.

So I bought three pretty pink ones. Before I knew it, it was time for me to pick up my son from school. After picking him up, he asked if he could have French fries. I had to potty and I was hungry so off to McDonald’s we went. After placing our order, we headed straight to the bathroom. As we waited our turn at the sink, a woman dropped a quarter. So Bryce picked it up–it was an eagle quarter, which he collects. She told him thank you and to keep it. Bryce thanked her and exchanged introductions. She introduced herself as Norma Cromwell, wife of the late, Rev. Cromwell.