If you’re ready to write your book – now – then I’m ready to coach you through the process–now. I work closely with aspiring authors to on completing their manuscript within a three to six month period. In addition, I help you position yourself as an expert and leading authority as you evolve into an author. You’re not just writing a book, you’re adding to your legacy!

Self-Publishing Consulting - Give yourself the "yes" you probably won’t receive from a traditional publisher by self-publishing your literary work. I’ll take you step-by-step through the self-publishing process (copyright, distribution and printing).

Help Me Soar Now - Need help with your manuscript NOW?!  Click here to schedule a 30 minute coaching call in which you will receive assistance with your book title as well as your chapter titles.  Regardless of where you are on your literary journey, I will equip you to move beyond wanting to write a book, to actually writing your book.

I also provide brainstorming sessions for aspiring authors and entrepreneurs.